$3000 means nothing for big companies, especially if we consider that every company should pocket $3000 or more (depending on the country) per developer per month.

Now about a bit of fact.

Flutter is really cool. It doesn't have a "view" template (everything is practically code) but it has a hot-reload that works really fine and the code is aimed at one task: mobile (now it also allows websites but who will create a web with flutter anyway?). It runs consistently fast. Cons: To learn a new language (however, Dart is quite MORE-OF-THE-SAME)

Xamarin, for another part it has thousand…

Which services? Those that are at the left of our explorer.


You can edit the registry by hand but it is a bit chore. Or you can use this little application.

Please take a seat and enjoy the show.

What is PowerApps? PowerApps is a service of Office365 (well, not really (1) ) in charge to create UI that could work on the web and on mobile devices. It’s neat but limited. If you are seasoned then InfoPath on steroids.

(1) Why PowerApps is not part of Office 365? PowerApps is business speaking, part of Power Platform but it is also technically part of Microsoft Dynamics. PowerApps most of the time doesn’t need Dynamics but it reeks of CRM. However, it fits well with Office365. Also, its security depends on Azure…

Advanced Programming: working with cache.

Let’s say the next example. We have two tables, countries and cities, and they are related as

select * from countries
inner join cities on countries.idcountry=cities.idcities

And we want to cache the result.

What is our motivation?

Our motivate is because the fastest query to the database is the query that it is not executed.

In this case, we want to cache the information it once, store it in memory, and use it many times. So, we could use the same data many times, but we are querying to the database once. …

Accessing a Mysql database using PHP and PdoOne

PdoOne is a library with two goals: performance and no dependency. This library consists of only 5 classes and a single interface.

This library also contains 3 different ways to work with the database.

Example of an invoice.

For our exercise, we will use it to insert and read an invoice. This model contains 3 tables.

  • Invoices: it will store the header of the invoice, the number of invoice, the date, and its link to the customer
  • Customer: it will have the customers, with the id of the customer and name.
  • Invoice_details: it will have the details or list of products. …

Example code of AutoLoadOne Library for PHP 5.6 and higher.

The library

The source code of the example

Why we need this library?

  • It is a high-performance library. It is optimized for speed and memory usage.
  • It doesn’t require a special configuration. It works with practically every project.
  • It doesn’t require a standard, PSR-0 PSR-4 or any other. And yet, it is compatible with it.

What is an autoloader?

Let’s say the next example

$obj=new \example\folder\SomeClass();

To runs this class, we need to include it using our code.

include __DIR__'/folder/SomeClass.php';
$obj=new \example\folder\SomeClass();

But what if the class SomeClass calls another class or we call…

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
It is about legacy code and the lifespan of our programs.


FFI is an experimental extension that allows us to use an external library (.so or .dll), without creating an extension. This library could be preloaded or loaded per each request. It is recommended to runs it preloaded but it’s easy to load per request.

What we could do with FFI?

For example, we could use C, C++, Rust, or practically any language that allows us to create a library (C style). It could increase the performance tenfold times.

1) Creating the library

For this example, I will use CLion (ide),mingw64 as the toolchain but we could use any ide or toolchain. I also use Windows.

We will create a shared…

@at symbol

Depending the configuration of PHP, if we try to access an undefined variable, it could show an error.


echo $hella; // <-- we show hella instead of hello

The system will show the next message:

Notice: Undefined variable: hella in php.php on line 3

We could disable it but it is not recommended (at least in our development ambiance). Why? Because typo happens.

One way to solve it, is to use the symbol at (@)

echo @$hella;

It does the next job, if the variable is defined, then it shows the value. …

Memcached is a neat program that allows us to keep information on memory.

What we need?

Memcached (It has the version 1.66). As for 2020, it is the latest version of it. it is way modern than the previous version around here (1.4.5 3 years ago)

NSSM — the Non-Sucking Service Manager (it is to install it as a service)


Uncompress the Memcached file in any folder.

Copy nssm.exe in the same folder.

And runs the next command line:

@echo off echo removing the service (if it is already installed) nssm remove memcached166 echo and installing the service nssm install memcached166…

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