Oracle Cloud in a nutshell

First attempt

Ok, it is not my first attempt (you can see in the figure).

Then, so what next?

First, you must know that Oracle has a lot of account. I had an Oracle Account since years but it works and don’t work for Oracle Cloud (?).

Instance created, so let’s connect

Logging on

So I run my “updated” script and it connects directly but it asks for login and password O_O

More surprise

I found a new surprise. I found this instructions (I installed it a couple of hours ago and now I see this, is it a brand new instruction?).

Even more surprises

So at last, I can connect, so (as a disciplined sysop), I did a

Final Note

Oracle gives a free instance for free. This instance has some limits. One of the principal limit is the memory. 1gb is a bit short. It also gives a database but it takes a big job to install Oracle Instant Client. Oracle wants us to install their version of Linux (Oracle Linux), that it is a “cousin” of CentOS 7, it is not bad but it is not popular.